9 copyright varieties of cannabis seeds Mudro Seeds

Today, dear friends, I want to talk about the author’s works — marijuana seeds Mudro Seeds (hereafter MS).

I apologize in advance for my not very good English. About hemp seeds writing is not easy, but I will try to write as much as possible easier and more intuitive.

Brief history of the author’s team MS  I already stated earlier, and it is available hereMost recently, I also made a detailed note about the social PUBLICS MS.

Today we will speak about the unique sorts of marijuana that are currently stored in 9 varieties of cannabis seeds, derived from hard work MS. Each of these 9 — grades of 100% unique and exclusive to predstavlyaetsoboy hamp seeds markets.

So — Meet our hamp seeds beauties!

Afghani #1 — Foto Femenised  hamp seeds with great genetics and excellent performance of productivity.

The name of this variety of marijuana at all on hearing, but with such Afghan managed to to get acquainted not everyone.

This powerful new stable variety is ready to declare itself as a promising and popular companion society lovers of marijuana.

Its productivity and appearance speak for themselves.

The variety Afghani #1 has a great saturated color, resistant to poor growing conditions and insects. It has excellent performance ТHC — so she reciprocated those who pays it due attention.

Official page of sorts hamp seeds Afghani #1 here.


Hawaii  hamp seeds — is another great variety — pure sativa with hereditary genetics of the Hawaiian archipelago. This herb is recommended for warm climates and greenhouses. 

It can be said that the root of marijuana seeds Hawaiian resident from whom you were at a party. Hospitality of the аboriginal knows no boundaries thanks indicators THC and their mild sedative properties.

Cannabis Seeds Hawaii unpretentious and allow to grow tall, slender, beautiful Sativa. 

Hawaii seeds — an excellent guide to the islands of relaxation peace and tranquility. This native — a handsome man — make friends with him the dream of many Grover.

Official page cannabis seeds Hawaii MS you can watch here.

New Moon weed seeds — spellbinding new moon. 

Mosticka Sativa.

In this variety feminized marijuana there is a very powerful genetics. And no wonder, because the relatives of the new moon it AK47, KoPangan and Thailand. Therefore, the power of the new moon in these hemp seeds guaranteed. 

The new moon of the human body experiences a maximum voltage and the maximum is subject to stress. In the new moon period, people often feel annoyed and acute diseases.

Cannabis Seeds New Moon — a true magician who is able to cope with any nekativnymi syndromes of the human body in this difficult  lunar-time.

This ensures genetics and characteristics of the present THC varieties of hemp seed.
More information about hemp seeds New Moon you can see on the page chain store.


Yet another unbeaten marijuana seeds we offer to your attention — Frutti Trips seeds.

These unique cannabis seeds came through hybridization sativa and indica, and as well as the seeds of New Moon are quite charismatic family in their genetics. 

Parents of these cannabis seeds are lendreyses of South Africa and the famous AK47.

Frutti is gorgeous in every way, but its main izyumnki a wonderful fruity flavor unique and fascinating trip. In addition to all Frutti has excellent of productivity performance, making it the undisputed leader among his own kind.

Frutti Thrips — the same maiden with a fruity aroma of luxurious hair, which led away into soft relaxing trip. More info about hemp seeds frutti trips here.

Ridick — another sort of hemp seeds. Reporting cultivation of these seeds we have published in a series of these notes. See these notes can be a Russian-English translator.

Ridik — known character. Cannabis Seeds Ridik got its name is specific qualities possessed Action Hero.

The unique properties of THC varieties of hemp seeds, provide a strange effect on the eyes, making the trip a fantastic and extraordinary. 

Most likely is «extraordinary» effects caused by the genetics of this variety of marijuana: Northern Light , AK-47 , Skunk #1 — it is this «three» guaranteed Ridik his night vision.

In addition to powerful THC and high growth, Riddick has an impressive harvest suggesting grade as the undisputed leader among feminized marijuana seeds.

Оnline Page Riddick.

These five varieties, you can add four more quality sorts of cannabis seeds that can be found in the catalog of feminized cannabis seeds Mudro Seeds.

At present, while all. Email us if you have questions and want to learn more about MS cannabis seeds — we are happy to answer you all your questions.

5 reasons — why the growers want to buy cannabis seeds Mudro Seeds

5 reasons — why the growers want to buy cannabis seeds Mudro Seeds

My acquaintance with marijuana lovers community was about 5 years ago.

Then he heard about the store for the sale of hemp seeds, and then — see forum, and off we go. 

It should be noted that up to this point I was a heavy smoker, and on the effects of THC know not by hearsay. Unfortunately, I have also been greatly misinformed.

His head was a lot of false information about marijuana: pseudo varieties (there are all sorts of «white American»), watering (say on what to feed the power of the crop depends on) and so on …

During the year, the forum successfully dispelled these myths, and I finally began to accumulate the right knowledge. Many I have a distribution of bonuses forum …

So I knew the taste and the effect of high-grade flowers. Thanks to a local breeder !!

About a year ago (maybe earlier) appeared on the forum «Mudro Seeds».

At first, as it should be — in the form of hands free hemp seed well, then — I rushed!

My 5 reasons why I choose marijuana seeds in the store Mudro Seeds.

1. This review is knowledgeable brothers … Their opinion is for me more than authoritative, so as the seed had no doubt.

2. Patriotism. I see no reason to pay more for the brand of Spain or the Netherlands. Given that our breeder too many years spent on the removal and stabilization.

3. What is really there … DISTRIBUTION … At the time of the first (or one of the first) hands — I was in the zone of the ATO. On arrival home, I turned to his brother Chris, who kindly provided material for the test, although I did not have the distribution.

4. My desire to smoke quality stuff. I think here I’m not alone in the range + «Wisely Seeds» has some interesting varieties, of which there is no longer anywhere … For example, «New Moon» — which stands at me now in outdoor grows and waiting for the fall.

5. The desire to be part of the team breeder. It’s so — kill two birds in one fell swoop — my experience Grove fall into a piggy bank Young Seed Bank + I myself will provide high-quality stuff. Already, many brothers have grown hemp seeds from the «Mudro» and photo shows that genetics at altitude.

Very interesting variety with dominance Indica, therefore grade «Afghani» «Ganesh» (Ganesh) is a priority for me in terms Grove.

By growing «New Moon,» I can say that quite resistant to pests plant, hemp stalk its not really hurt, though the neighboring bushes — suffer more …

It is also very interesting sort of «Satori» (Satori), which is due to the peculiarities of climate does not ripen until the end of my Outdoor, even underripe — able to surprise!

Just I want to point out the quality of the approach to the package of seeds. Description and photos that hemp seeds are attached — excellent! Special attention is given wax print — it’s all great!

Good luck and prosperity to the team «Mudro Seeds» !!!

We welcome everyone who pays hemp seed your attention!

We welcome everyone who pays hemp seed your attention!

Online Shop Mudro Seeds as well as its high-quality elite cannabis seeds safely put down roots in social networks.

Below, you can watch the links on the store accounts in social networks.

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The structure of the store:

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The store provides a simple and intuitive interface, which allows you to order and buy cannabis seeds from the delivery of mail in Ukraine, Rosia and other countries.

Payment is available on the card visa / mastercard Bank, as well as with the help of electronic payment systems and Yandex money webmoney.
To order cannabis seeds foreign growers as zhostupna payment system Western Union

The official Twitter account Mudro Seeds

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notes, publications and news all the seeds of cannabis, as well as videos on YouTube channel, news magazine blog notes — pictures, photos, ratings — a full progressive global social network service Google in which our online store for the sale of elite seeds marijuana takes an active part.
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You can subscribe to the video store channel, watch videos on hemp seeds, video reviews of new shopping options, review the delivery of cannabis seeds in Ukraine, Russia and other countries, video reviews and much more. You can also leave comments and ask questions online.

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Well, finally, the profile of an online store elite cannabis seed in the social network Facebook

link www.facebook.com/mudroseeds

Here, too, everything is simple and clear.

Was added as a friend, subscribe to all the convenient social services to keep abreast of new products and changes in the wonderful world of elite seeds of marijuana Mudro Seeds!

All good and pleasant time of the day.

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Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Seeds Mudro Seeds

The history of the elite seed cannabis Mudro Seeds dates back to the beginning of the twenty-first century.

It was at this time Internet worldwide network began its active development in the world, including in the territories of the post-Soviet space: in Russia and the Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries. It was during this period was marked by the first surge of growth in the world of Internet commerce.

What are «hemp seed» to «International Web»? — You ask the question quite clear.

It’s simple: the demand for quality cannabis seeds from elite medication characteristics has always existed, but with the advent of the Internet it has become really feasible.
Similarly, it has become feasible to offer at this quality (elite) hemp seeds with specific characteristics to meet the most sophisticated demands of the consumer. And because the request to buy elite seeds of hemp mail delivery throughout the world has become very popular — a proposal not long in coming.
It is with this purpose: to offer high-quality varieties of cannabis seeds to anyone who wants to order and buy those through the Internet first experiments were carried out (then) young and not very experienced breeders.
Time changes the continents and oceans. Time honing stones and the human experience. That time gave seeds Mudro Seeds that breeders have received as a result of many years of practice to obtain new seeds and new stamps cannabis — wisdom.
They say that «wise» people will never get into that situation, from which «smart» people will always find a way out. Wisdom hempseed Mudro Seeds lies in the fact that its owner no longer need to «find a way out in search of the new.»
In Mudro seeds there is harmony and balance. All searches and doubts about the correctness of the choice, end where there is a seed Mudro.
The first such confirmation for many fans Mudro Seeds become familiar with navigation in space options hempseed Mandalla. This wonderful work of authorship — a real gift to the collective team Mudro breeders.
Mandala from Mudro Seeds — this is not just:
«Unmistakable navigator expanses of space and the depths of the parallel worlds where there is error-free card that can hold a pilgrim traveling back and forth, not allowing the chasm and get lost»
— Mandalla — it is likely the same variety that correctly points to your intuitive selection of the correct way in the world of high-end quality marijuana seeds.
Do not believe me? And what does your intuition? ..
To get this sort of hempseed great work has been done. Mandalla — unmistakable and trouble-free «device» repeatedly tested in practice in different times and spaces, which did not disappoint any of the most refined admirer really high-quality elite seed cannabis.
You are already in the list of admirers? Do you want this to become a ?? —
Then Welcome to World of Mudro Seeds!