9 copyright varieties of cannabis seeds Mudro Seeds

Today, dear friends, I want to talk about the author’s works — marijuana seeds Mudro Seeds (hereafter MS).

I apologize in advance for my not very good English. About hemp seeds writing is not easy, but I will try to write as much as possible easier and more intuitive.

Brief history of the author’s team MS  I already stated earlier, and it is available hereMost recently, I also made a detailed note about the social PUBLICS MS.

Today we will speak about the unique sorts of marijuana that are currently stored in 9 varieties of cannabis seeds, derived from hard work MS. Each of these 9 — grades of 100% unique and exclusive to predstavlyaetsoboy hamp seeds markets.

So — Meet our hamp seeds beauties!

Afghani #1 — Foto Femenised  hamp seeds with great genetics and excellent performance of productivity.

The name of this variety of marijuana at all on hearing, but with such Afghan managed to to get acquainted not everyone.

This powerful new stable variety is ready to declare itself as a promising and popular companion society lovers of marijuana.

Its productivity and appearance speak for themselves.

The variety Afghani #1 has a great saturated color, resistant to poor growing conditions and insects. It has excellent performance ТHC — so she reciprocated those who pays it due attention.

Official page of sorts hamp seeds Afghani #1 here.


Hawaii  hamp seeds — is another great variety — pure sativa with hereditary genetics of the Hawaiian archipelago. This herb is recommended for warm climates and greenhouses. 

It can be said that the root of marijuana seeds Hawaiian resident from whom you were at a party. Hospitality of the аboriginal knows no boundaries thanks indicators THC and their mild sedative properties.

Cannabis Seeds Hawaii unpretentious and allow to grow tall, slender, beautiful Sativa. 

Hawaii seeds — an excellent guide to the islands of relaxation peace and tranquility. This native — a handsome man — make friends with him the dream of many Grover.

Official page cannabis seeds Hawaii MS you can watch here.

New Moon weed seeds — spellbinding new moon. 

Mosticka Sativa.

In this variety feminized marijuana there is a very powerful genetics. And no wonder, because the relatives of the new moon it AK47, KoPangan and Thailand. Therefore, the power of the new moon in these hemp seeds guaranteed. 

The new moon of the human body experiences a maximum voltage and the maximum is subject to stress. In the new moon period, people often feel annoyed and acute diseases.

Cannabis Seeds New Moon — a true magician who is able to cope with any nekativnymi syndromes of the human body in this difficult  lunar-time.

This ensures genetics and characteristics of the present THC varieties of hemp seed.
More information about hemp seeds New Moon you can see on the page chain store.


Yet another unbeaten marijuana seeds we offer to your attention — Frutti Trips seeds.

These unique cannabis seeds came through hybridization sativa and indica, and as well as the seeds of New Moon are quite charismatic family in their genetics. 

Parents of these cannabis seeds are lendreyses of South Africa and the famous AK47.

Frutti is gorgeous in every way, but its main izyumnki a wonderful fruity flavor unique and fascinating trip. In addition to all Frutti has excellent of productivity performance, making it the undisputed leader among his own kind.

Frutti Thrips — the same maiden with a fruity aroma of luxurious hair, which led away into soft relaxing trip. More info about hemp seeds frutti trips here.

Ridick — another sort of hemp seeds. Reporting cultivation of these seeds we have published in a series of these notes. See these notes can be a Russian-English translator.

Ridik — known character. Cannabis Seeds Ridik got its name is specific qualities possessed Action Hero.

The unique properties of THC varieties of hemp seeds, provide a strange effect on the eyes, making the trip a fantastic and extraordinary. 

Most likely is «extraordinary» effects caused by the genetics of this variety of marijuana: Northern Light , AK-47 , Skunk #1 — it is this «three» guaranteed Ridik his night vision.

In addition to powerful THC and high growth, Riddick has an impressive harvest suggesting grade as the undisputed leader among feminized marijuana seeds.

Оnline Page Riddick.

These five varieties, you can add four more quality sorts of cannabis seeds that can be found in the catalog of feminized cannabis seeds Mudro Seeds.

At present, while all. Email us if you have questions and want to learn more about MS cannabis seeds — we are happy to answer you all your questions.